About us

Hafezan Javid Company owns one of the largest and first poultry farms of egg-laying chickens in Qazvin Province. This production unit was established in 1975 in a 75-acre area in Yans Abad, Abiek. Since 2002, the unit joined up with Barekat Production Group with a new name Hafezan Javid and is currently considered one of the most successful egg producers in Iran. Along with the achievements, with the help of Almighty God and also through experts' efforts, we have succeed in building the first organic fertilizer (chicken manure) processing unit with the aim of advancing the knowledge of organic farming in accordance with the modern methods. The company's goals and fields of activity are as follows:
Direct supply of chicken manure without intermediaries
Supporting organic farming products and sustainable agricultural development
Eliminating adverse impacts on the environment, surface water, and underground water
Production of pure fertilizers without any impurities in order to increase the productivity of agricultural production
Improvement of agricultural soils, structure and soil texture
Communication with related organizations